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If your little one is always squinting at their books or tablet or if they’re not doing so well at school, it’s time to schedule a pediatric eye exam. Louis Martin, OD, and the team at Eyes On Henry, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, offer specialized pediatric eye exams to check your child’s vision and ocular health. The friendly and approachable optometrists and opticians help your child feel comfortable and confident during their exam. If your child is due for an eye exam, call Eyes On Henry or schedule an appointment online today.

Pediatric Eye Exam Q&A

How often should my child have their eyes examined?

The team at Eyes On Henry offers pediatric eye exams for all children, including infants and toddlers. 

They provide specialized tests and a friendly, gentle approach to help your child feel confident during their exam. They know the equipment can look scary and do everything they can to help your little one feel great about going to the eye doctor.

Your child should have their first eye exam when they’re 6 months old, then again around their third birthday. From their third birthday onward, you should schedule eye exams for your child at least every two years, and more frequently if they need corrective lenses. 

Clear vision is critical to your child’s academic success. Around 80% of all of the information presented at school is visual. If your child can’t see well, they may fall behind or develop behavior issues. 

The team at Eyes On Henry provides specialized eye care for kids of all ages to help them succeed and achieve their full potential.

What should I expect during a pediatric eye exam?

During a pediatric eye exam, the team at Eyes On Henry checks your child’s visual acuity and looks for signs of eye health issues. 

The eye doctor looks at your child’s eyes, assessing the internal and external structures. They test how well each of your child’s eyes works independently and together. 

If your little one needs eyeglasses, your eye doctor uses a refraction test to identify the precise lens prescription needed to correct their vision. 

Throughout the exam, the eye doctor chats to your child, explaining the equipment and tests. They want your child to feel confident, so they patiently answer questions and let your child touch some of the devices to show them there’s nothing to be afraid of.

What are common childhood eye health problems?

Children can develop refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness at any age. There’s no specific age that children usually start to need glasses, so it’s essential to have regular tests from a young age. 

In addition to refractive errors, strabismus and amblyopia are common childhood eye disorders. Strabismus is the clinical term for a wandering eye, that’s usually due to a muscular problem that interferes with the way your child’s eyes focus on a single image. 

Amblyopia is the medical term for a lazy eye, which means that your child’s vision hasn’t developed in one eye, which sends fuzzy images to the brain. As a result, the brain ignores those messages. 

Fortunately, the team at Eyes On Henry treats pediatric eye health issues and provides the care your child needs to see clearly and thrive. Call Eyes On Henry today or make an appointment for your child online today.