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Pink Eye Treatment from Your Optometrist in Spartanburg, SC

Pink eye, for which the medical term is conjunctivitis, can be a sneaky ailment.  For many of our Eyes on Henry patients, symptoms develop significantly before the individuals experience discomfort.  Fortunately, our Spartanburg optometrist offers treatment options as well as suggestions for preventing conjunctivitis.

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Overview of Conjunctivitis

Although most people associate conjunctivitis with a contagious condition among children, our eye doctor notes that it can strike patients of all ages.  This disorder is a swelling or inflammation that strikes the white tissue that lines the inner eyelids. 

These are the most frequent causes:

  • Infections from bacteria
  • Contaminated lotions or makeup
  • Allergic reactions to irritants such as pollen
  • Viruses such as the one that causes colds
  • Some sexually transmitted diseases
  • Contact with objects such as contact lenses that touch the eyes

The conjunctivitis symptom most often described is the pink appearance of affected eyes.  Additional symptoms depend on the type of conjunctivitis that has developed.  Typical symptoms include sensitivity to light, discharging eyes, swollen eyelids, a gritty sensation in the eyes, overproduction of tears, and itching or burning eyes.

Treatment and Prevention

The most important objectives of our optometry practice in treating conjunctivitis patients are relieving their discomfort, preventing the spread of the disorder, and providing advice on how to prevent future outbreaks.  Alleviating symptoms requires both professional services and at-home care.

A visit to our optometry practice could prevent a minor condition from developing into a major medical issue.  Patients must also follow suggestions from our optometrist, such as avoiding touching their eyes.

Professional treatment depends on the type of conjunctivitis present:

  • For allergic reactions, patients need to avoid the irritant.  Prescribed steroid drops, cool compresses, NSAIDs, artificial tears, and antihistamines sometimes help.
  • Bacterial cases typically improve after use of antibiotic drops or ointment.
  • Virus-caused conjunctivitis disappears over a few weeks and is often less uncomfortable with cool compresses and artificial tears.
  • Chemical-exposure outbreaks merit saline flushes, sometimes combined with prescribed topical steroids.

To prevent contracting conjunctivitis, our staff recommends never sharing personal items such as washcloths, hand towels, or contact lenses.  Washing hands and cleaning countertops, faucet handles, and vanities frequently with an antiseptic cleaner is also important.  Getting professional assistance for seasonal allergies and following contact lens care instructions carefully will help, as will wearing goggles when swimming.

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