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Essential to Eye Care: Our Optometrists in Spartanburg Provide Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Lighting up the world around us, sight is perhaps the most important of our five senses. We use it every day during almost every waking moment for nearly every job and activity we do. For this reason alone, every person should safeguard their vision by proactively including eye care in their regular wellness routine in addition to seeing a primary care physician.

With early detection during comprehensive eye exams with our optometrists in Spartanburg, most eye conditions can be treated or even prevented before symptoms arise or vision is compromised. The American Optometric Association recommends patients see an eye doctor at least annually or bi-annually for a routine eye exam. During eye exams in Spartanburg, one of our optometrists will provide patients with complete eye care, including routine comprehensive eye exams to test visual acuity, eye function, and eye health. 

What to Expect During Spartanburg Eye Exams with our Optometrists

Our Spartanburg eye exams provide patients with comprehensive eye examination, diagnosis, and treatment of any visual issues or eye conditions detected by our optometrists. During eye exams in Spartanburg, one of our staff will begin with an interview, asking about general health, current medications, medical history, family medical history, and whether or not you are experiencing any eye-related symptoms. It is important for our optometrists to have a complete understanding of your health and history in order to properly diagnose, treat, and prevent eye conditions. 

Eye exams begin with a visual acuity test. Our optometrists might also include a test for color blindness, which can be present due to a genetic condition or as the result of certain eye problems. Our optometrists will then test the function of the patient's binocular vision using a cover test to look for signs of strabismus or amblyopia. 

If corrective lenses are needed, our optometrists will use retinoscopy or refraction testing to determine a prescription. During retinoscopy, the optometrist uses a series of lenses while shining lights into the patient's eyes, observing the way the light reflects in the eyes to determine the prescription. This method is especially useful for very young patients who might not be able to answer the optometrist's questions. During a refraction test, our optometrists use a phoropter to have the patient read an eye chart through a series of lenses, pinpointing the exact prescription. A refraction test helps our optometrists correct hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. 

Our optometrists will then look for eye health conditions using a series of tests including a slit-lamp test to examine the external and internal structures of the eye, an eye pressure test to check for signs of glaucoma, pupil dilation for a clear examination of interior structures of the eyes, and a visual field test. 

At Eyes on Henry, our optometrists and eye care team encourage you to proactively take care of your health. Contact our office today to schedule eye exams in Spartanburg for your whole family. 


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