Emergency Eye Care

Common Types of Emergency Eye Care Seen By Our Optometry Staff

emergency eye care

Eye emergencies are rare, but they can and do happen. Here are a few of the most common eye emergencies our Spartanburg optometry team evaluates and treats. In the best interest of your health, we may also refer you to other healthcare professionals as needed on a case-by-case basis:

  • Foreign object impalement or lodging: from sand to shards of metal and so on, debris can easily become stuck in a person's eye; pain, blurry vision, and damage and infection can soon follow 
  • Corneal ulcer: any sort of scratch on your cornea can cause extreme pain and blurry vision, and may lead to an infection
  • Retinal detachment: this is a serious problem and requires immediate medical attention at a hospital 
  • Orbital fracture: any sort of blow to the face can damage your eye socket or injure the delicate structures of your eye
  • Acute angle-closure glaucoma: a sudden increase in inner eye pressure 

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list! Any sudden and significant changes to your vision should be considered an urgent situation. 

What To Do if You or a Loved One Needs Emergency Eye Care

True emergencies require immediate attention. The earlier treatment can occur, the less risk will be for permanent damage or vision loss. So, if you or a loved one experience an eye emergency and is in need of emergency eye care, then call an emergency eye clinic immediately, or 911. We actually recommend storing our number to your phone to minimize the delay of care. 

Based on the information you tell us on the phone about your eye symptoms and situation, we'll be able to advise you on the necessary steps you need to take to get appropriate treatment. As mentioned, we may recommend you come to see us for help. Or, if your eye emergency is more serious in nature or requires medical attention, we'll be able to connect you with an emergency ophthalmology team in the area or advise you to head to a nearby hospital. 

Are You in Need of Emergency Eye Care? Come to Our Walk-In Eye Clinic Today!

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