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Frequently Asked Questions About Hard to Fit Contacts at Eyes on Henry, Our Spartanburg Optometry Center

The term "hard to fit" refers to any situation that makes wearing ordinary soft contacts impractical, from health conditions to complex corrective prescriptions. If you're frustrated and confused by such issues, check out these answers to frequently asked questions from patients from the surrounding communities of Boiling Springs, Pacolet, Roebuck, Union, Gaffney, Jonesville at our Spartanburg optometry center.

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  1. How does dry eye create problems for contact lens wearers?
    Dry eye sufferers lack the consistent tear film that lets contacts lenses "float" on the surface of the eye. This can lead to pain and irritation.
  2. What is giant papillary conjunctivitis?
    Giant papillary conjunctivitis, or GPC, occurs when sensitive eyes are irritated by protein deposits which naturally accumulate on contacts, especially soft lenses.
  3. Why is keratoconus considered a hard to fit condition?
    Keratoconus causes your corneas to bulge outward in an abnormal cone-like configuration. Since soft contacts conform to the corneal contours, they often have trouble correcting vision adequately in these cases.
  4. How does my corrective vision prescription complicate my choice of contact lenses?
    Astigmatism is a problem because ordinary contact lenses tend to rotate as you blink, making it impossible to correct for the individual zones of aberration. Severe nearsightedness or farsightedness may be beyond the corrective abilities of soft lenses. Presbyopia causes blurriness in more than one field of distance, making single-vision contacts inadequate.
  5. How does my Spartanburg optometrist diagnose a hard to fit condition?
    Your Spartanburg optometrist will perform both a comprehensive eye/vision exam and a contact lens exam to determine whether you have a hard to fit condition. This allows us to offer you specialty contact lenses that can overcome your challenges.
  6. Why are RGP lenses often better for difficult prescriptions than soft contacts?
    RGP (rigid gas permeable) contacts maintain their own shape constantly. This ensures that they're also refracting incoming light as precisely as possible, making them a sensible choice for more severe refractive errors.
  7. What if I find RGP lenses uncomfortable?
    If you find RGP lenses uncomfortable, we can fit you with hybrid lenses that feature a soft outer rim, combining the comfort of soft contacts with the excellent vision correction of RGP lenses.
  8. How do specially-shaped contacts address hard to fit conditions?
    Toric contacts, which are ballasted and shaped to remain in position on the cornea, make astigmatism correction easier. Scleral lenses compensate for keratoconus by extending completely past the cornea, providing a constant spherical surface. Multifocal contacts contain multiple fields of distance correction.
  9. What contact lenses make sense for chronic eye irritation?
    Dry eye can be addressed with lenses made of special moisture-retaining materials or scleral lenses (which provide their own tear reservoir). Since RGP lenses aren't as bad about collecting proteins as soft lenses, we recommend them for GPC.

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