Hard to Fit Contacts

If your contact lens are uncomfortable, or you have been told you cannot wear contacts because of the curvature of your cornea, our optometrist can fit you with contacts in Spartanburg, SC. These contacts are custom-fitted to your eyes so they are comfortable, while providing the right amount of vision correction.


Eye Conditions That Make Contacts Hard to Fit

Certain conditions, including severe astigmatism, dry eyes, giant papillary conjunctivitis, ketatoconus and presbyopia, can make both fitting and wearing contacts difficult. Thankfully, developments in contact lens technology have made wearing contacts for these conditions a possibility.

Getting Hard to fit Contacts With Our Optometrist in Spartanburg

Our optometrist in Spartanburg can fit you with contacts even if you have an eye condition that makes contact lenses hard to fit. We offer multiple types of hard to fit contacts in Spartanburg, including rigid gas permeable, scleral, toric and hybrid lenses.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contacts can comfortably be worn by individuals with mild to moderate astigmatisms or who have dry eye. We typically recommend eye drops and creams for individuals with dry eye who want to wear contacts.

Hard Contact Lenses With Our Spartanburg Optometrist

Hard contact or rigid gas permeable lenses do not flex or fold like soft contacts. Our Spartanburg optometrist recommends hard contact lenses for individuals with severe astigmatisms, presbyopia and ketatoconus because they often provide better vision correction than soft lenses.

Scleral Lenses With Our Eye Doctor in Spartanburg

Our eye doctor in Spartanburg offers scleral lenses for individuals with severely misshapen corneas that make other types of lenses difficult or impossible to wear. These lenses have a liquid reservoir in the center of the lens that conforms to the shape of the cornea, which prevents the lens from sliding out of place or falling out of your eye when you blink.

Toric Lenses

Toric lenses are soft contacts that are weighted at the bottom to prevent the lens from rotating. These lenses are good for individuals with mild to moderate astigmatisms.

Hybrid Lenses

Hybrid lenses work well for individuals that have keratoconus, presbyopia or a severe astigmatism. These contacts have a large diameter, and the center of the lens consists of a rigid gas permeable lens, while the outer area is a soft lens. These contacts are more comfortable to wear than rigid gas permeable lenses.

Contact Lens Piggy-Backing With Our Spartanburg Eye Doctor

Some individuals may need hard contact lenses to correct their vision but find the lenses extremely uncomfortable to wear even after the adjustment period. In these cases, our Spartanburg eye doctor may recommend piggy-backing, which involves inserting a soft lens into your eye, then inserting the hard lens on top of the soft lens.

To schedule an appointment for contact lenses, even if you are hard to fit, call our Spartanburg eye doctor at (864) 585-0208.


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