Cataracts Co-Management FAQ

Cataracts are common but debilitating eye conditions that involve the gradual clouding of the eye's lenses. They cause more vision loss than any other condition, they're related to the aging process, and consequences may range from blurry vision to complete blindness. At Eyes on Henry, we want to help our patients avoid vision loss and reverse the damage of cataracts whenever possible. That's why we partner with ophthalmologists throughout Spartanburg SC to handle every facet of your cataract removal needs. Before and after your cataract removal surgery, come to us for all your cataract co-management needs.

Not sure what those needs will be? We've answered some of the questions we hear most frequently from our cataract patients. Learn what, when, and how we offer cataract co-management for Spartanburg SC.

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What is Cataract Co-Management?

Cataract co-management describes the care you receive before and after getting your cataracts removed. After your ophthalmologist performs your cataract surgery, you will receive regular follow-up care from an optometrist who can track your progress and make sure you heal properly. This care, called cataract co-management, allows optometry professionals to fit

Do I Need Cataract Co-Management?

If you have cataracts and want cataract surgery to remove them, then yes, cataract co-management will be part of your eye care regimen. Our Spartanburg optometrist offers pre-op and post-op cataract co-management, and we welcome patients at every stage of the process. If you have untreated cataracts or want to explore your removal options for the first time, you'll need a consultation to establish your risk factors and determine whether you're a good candidate for surgery. After surgery, your personalized co-management plan will include thorough, regular eye exams to monitor your healing process.

What Happens After Cataract Surgery?

Immediately after your cataract surgery, you'll start your cataract co-management with our Spartanburg optometrist. Your first appointment for follow-up care will usually be within a week of your surgery, and we'll set up a customized schedule of eye exams in the weeks to come. As you heal and adjust to life without cataracts, you'll be able to see and focus more clearly, so we will also handle your corrective eyewear needs. Your optometrist will eventually determine your new prescription and fit you for a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses for your cataract-free eyes.

How Do I Schedule My Cataract Co-Management in Spartanburg?

At Eyes on Henry, we welcome current and new patients for cataract co-management. If you live in the Spartanburg area, our optometry team is ready to help you complete a safe and successful cataract treatment plan. Just call (864) 585-0208 today to schedule an appointment with our Spartanburg optometrist.


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