Cataracts Co-Management

Cataracts co-management is an important way you can care for your eyes. As a leading provider of optometry in Spartanburg SC, Eyes on Henry offers this surgery co-management service. Discover why you should choose our optometrist to serve as your cataract co-management provider.

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Surgery Co-management for Patients With Cataracts

Surgery co-management may involve helping you decide if you are ready for eye surgery. However, co-management care typically follows your cataract surgery. After you have surgery to remove your cataracts, Eyes on Henry becomes your care provider for your post-op care to make sure your eyes are healing successfully. As an eye patient here at Eyes on Henry, we will assist you with every aspect leading up to and after cataract surgery.

Why You Need a Co-manager for Treating Cataracts

At Eyes on Henry, we are your Spartanburg optometrists. However, for eye surgery for treating cataracts you need to see an ophthalmologist who will provide you with specialized eye care. This will ensure you are provided with the most successful cataract removal process. However as your trusted eye doctor in Spartanburg SC, Eyes on Henry is here to help you before and after your cataract surgery. Through your cataract co-management process, we will work with you and your ophthalmologist to determine the best aftercare plan. Typically after cataract surgery, you will see the ophthalmologist the day after the procedure. You can return to our office for the rest of your post-op care. For most patients this helps to relieve some of the tension and stress of seeing a new eye care professional in order to complete cataract surgery.

Cataract Co-management With Our Spartanburg Optometrist

While we do not provide cataract surgery, we do offer a range of services associated with eye surgery. Through cataract co-management we provide comprehensive eye exams prior and following surgery. This allows us to monitor the healing process following your eye surgery. It also gives us the ability to fit your eyes with contacts or eyeglasses based on your new vision abilities. Having cataract co-management at Eyes on Henry is a top choice for individuals who had to travel outside of Spartanburg for their cataract surgery.

If you are considering cataract surgery for your eye health needs, we are here to help you as your Spartanburg optometry clinic. We provide eye and vision exams to determine whether or not you are a candidate for cataract surgery. After your surgery we offer post-cataract surgery treatment and care. Additionally, we offer this service to new and existing patients.

Give us a call at Eyes on Henry to find out more about cataract co-management. We are glad you have chosen Eyes on Henry for cataract co-management in Spartanburg SC. Contact our office today at (864) 585-0208 to schedule your eye care appointment with our optometrist !


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