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Eye and Vision Exams Frequently Asked Questions In Spartanburg

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When you visit an optometrist in Spartanburg, South Carolina, you want to obtain the right vision exam for your needs and situation. A doctor of optometry offers different solutions for your eye health based on the changes and risks to your vision. At our clinic, we make it easy to get a vision exam and address changes to your eyes.

What Can I Expect During an Eye Exam?

A vision exam for your eyes in Spartanburg depends on your situation. The basic exam uses a chart to determine your current vision and health. We may use tools to check for certain risks, like glaucoma or cataracts, but the tests depend on the risks to your eyes. In most cases, a doctor of optometry asks about changes to your vision and then provides services based on the risk factors. Older adults may have more tests due to the higher risk of glaucoma, cataracts or other health concerns.

When Do I Need an Optometry Exam?

An optometry exam allows us to identify potential complications with your vision. As a general rule, we recommend an exam if you notice changes to your vision or you have concerns about your eyes. During the exam, we may recommend more comprehensive tests and treatments to address potential risk factors. For example, we may test for cataracts or glaucoma. You may need a comprehensive exam if your visual health changes or you notice something odd about your eyes.

How Often Do I Need an Exam?

Vision exams to check on your eyes depend on your situation. Generally, you want at least one exam per year to keep up with changes and catch potential concerns at an early stage. If you have a risk for certain eye conditions, then we may recommend more regular visits. Older adults, individuals with diabetes, pregnant women and children may need an exam every six months due to the changes to their eyes or the risks to their vision. Our recommendations depend on your eyes, so we may suggest more regular exams due to specific complications or concerns.

When Should I Visit an Optometrist?

Visiting an optometrist or an ophthalmologist is a personal choice based on your vision and eyes. Generally, you should visit our clinic if you notice sudden changes to your vision and eyes. You may also benefit from a visit to our clinic after an accident injures your eyes or a medical condition may harm your visual health. Do not wait if your vision changes suddenly because a condition may worsen without treatment.

Make an Appointment

When you notice changes to your eyes and vision, you want to make an appointment for an eye exam to identify the underlying cause of the visual changes. A professional evaluates your visual health and provides appropriate treatment options. To learn more about keeping your eyes healthy or to make an appointment for a vision exam at our clinic, contact us today.


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