Contact Lens Exams

If you wear (or want to wear) contact lenses for any reason, you need an eye doctor who can properly evaluate your eyes and make sure your new lenses fit you perfectly. At Eyes on Henry, we take contacts seriously. From your initial evaluation and fitting to each year's annual eye exam, your optometrist in Spartanburg, SC, will take care of everything you need to improve your vision and maximize the look and feel of your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Exams in Spartanburg

man receiving contact lens exam in Spartanburg, SC Do you wear corrective eyeglasses, but you think contact lenses would be a better fit for your lifestyle? First you'll need an evaluation to determine exactly what kind of correction you need. Your Spartanburg optometrist will perform a thorough eye exam to measure your refractive error, eye shape, and more, and you will answer questions about your goals and eye health history. Our Spartanburg contact exams are your best defense against vision abnormalities and uncomfortable contacts.

Prescription Contact Lenses

After your Spartanburg optometrist measures your refractive error and determines a precise corrective prescription for each eye, we will work with you to find and customize a contact lens that is right for you. We carry contact lenses from some of the world's most trusted and innovative eye wear manufacturers, including Acuvue, Biofinity, and Purevision. Your options include a variety of different lens types and lifespans. In addition to ensuring an accurate prescription, we make sure you're comfortable with the changing requirements of the lens you pick.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Not all contact lenses are worn exclusively to correct vision. We also perform eye exams and issue prescriptions for cosmetic contact lenses. Whether you have a color variation to camouflage or want to turn your green eyes blue, we will help you find a non-prescription or prescription lens that produces the eye appearance you want. A few different factors affect your cosmetic contact lens options, including the size of your iris and the lifestyle you lead.

Fittings for Special Contact Lenses

Some vision conditions require a specialized lens, such as a bifocal or multifocal contact lens. Our patients wear soft and gas-permeable versions of many different lens types. Of course, if you have an eye condition that requires eyeglasses for maximum comfort and vision correction, we will discuss your options and find a pair that accommodates all your eye care needs.

Eye Care for Contact Lens Wearers

Your Spartanburg optometrist will keep track of your vision and eye health to make sure your corrective needs don't change. If you need a new prescription or develop a dry eye condition, your eye doctor will reassess your current contact lenses and adjust your eye care regimen accordingly. Eye irritation has many possible causes, but it always interferes with your vision and quality of life. Our solutions include medicated eye drops to lubricate your eyes and cleaning solutions to prevent scratches and infections.   

Call us at (864) 585-0208 to schedule a contact lens eye exam with one our Spartanburg optometrists today.


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