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Eyes on Henry is your home for personalized vision and eye care in the greater Spartanburg, SC, area. Our optometrists have advanced clinical training to diagnose, manage, treat, and prevent a range of eye conditions that affect people of all ages. Consider just a few of them below:

conditions treated


Imagine a clean clear window. It's easy to see through, right? Now imagine that same window when it's dirty or foggy. This is analogous to what happens with the lens inside your eye when you have a cataract. Fibers within the normally clear tissue begin to change structure and alignment, causing the lens to become opaque. This causes progressive vision loss and what looks like halos around bright lights.

We offer pre-and post-operative care for cataract removal and replacement surgery. We work very closely with several cataract surgeons and if needed can make a referral for a cataract consult.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Advancing age is one of the most common risk factors for macular degeneration, which happens when the center of your retina (called the macula) degrades and wears down. This can cause central vision loss or distortion and difficulty reading or seeing fine detail. We offer nutritional counseling, updated prescription eyewear, and medications to help you manage this condition.


Your optic nerve connects your eye to the visual processing centers of the brain. It carries information from the eye to the brain so that you can see. With glaucoma, the optic nerve becomes progressively damaged, which usually, but not always, happens due to increased inner eye pressure. There aren't early warning signs, but eventually people begin to notice a progressive loss of peripheral vision.

Medications and low vision strategies are some of the most common treatments for this disease.

Refractive Errors

A refractive error is anything that disrupts the way light normally bends into the eye. Conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness may occur at birth or develop with age. They can lead to blurry vision at a variety of distances.

Common treatment includes prescription eyewear, contact lenses or corrective laser eye surgery.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Eyes are normally covered with a thin layer of moisturizing and protective tears. If something impairs the quality or quantity of these tears, like an allergy or an autoimmune disease like lupus, dry eye can result. Symptoms include red itchy, irritated eyes, light and glare sensitivity, and watery discharge. We can treat your dry eyes with medications, hygiene techniques, and more.

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