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  • Careers that Require Good Vision
    Careers that Require Good Vision             Our optometrist at Eyes on Henry, serving Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding area, sees patients regularly who must have routine vision Read more
  • Does LASIK Hurt?
    Does LASIK Hurt?             If you're tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, you may be considering LASIK surgery to correct your vision. At Eyes on Henry, Read more
  • Children's Eye Health and Safety
    Children's Eye Health and Safety Awareness in Spartanburg, SC As your child gets ready to go back to school, getting a comprehensive eye exam can make a world of difference. Children Read more
  • Healthy Aging Month
    Eyes on Henry in Spartanburg, SC Celebrates Healthy Aging Month You might think as you age there isn't a reason to incorporate healthy eating and healthy living habits. However, it's never too Read more
  • UV Safety Tips
    UV Safety Tips! Learn How to Protect Your Eyes from UV Damage Your optometrist in Spartanburg wants everyone to know about the dangers of UV radiation to their vision and eye Read more
  • What is Blue Light?
    Spartanburg Optometrists Explains Blue Light Did you know that watching your favorite TV show before bed, or playing or working on your laptop or tablet increases your risk for harmful blue Read more
  • Types of Senior Eye Care
    Types of Senior Eye Care and Treatment at Eyes on Henry, Your Spartanburg Optometrists Caring for your eyes throughout your life is important. One of the most valuable things you can Read more
  • Types of Senior Eye Care
    Senior Eye Care: How Aging Affects Vision As with most other physical attributes, vision tends to deteriorate as you age. The rate of change in your vision varies from person to Read more
  • Eye Safety for the Solar Eclipse Viewing
    Safely Viewing the Solar Eclipse: On August 21, Americans will have a rare opportunity to view a total solar eclipse. The last similar eclipse was in 1918. A solar eclipse occurs Read more
  • 5 Easy Ways to Combat Computer Vision Syndrome
    How to Combat Computer Vision From Our Spartanburg Optometrists While it’s called computer vision, this condition is often sourced by more than just long computer sessions. Any device that emits blue Read more
  • Smoking And Eye Health: Side Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes
    Smoking and Eye Health from Our Spartanburg, SC Eye Doctor Most people are aware of the dangers of smoking to the health of your lungs, but many do not know that Read more
  • Tips for Protecting Your Eyes at Work
    Your Spartanburg Eye Doctors Talk About Workplace Eye Wellness Every day over 2,500 U.S. employees suffer eye injuries in the workplace. Nearly a third of these eye injuries require emergency medical Read more
  • What are Hard to Fit Contacts?
    What are Hard to Fit Contacts? Our Spartanburg, SC Optometrists at Eyes on Henry Explains Have you been told that your eyes are not a good fit for contact lenses? Maybe Read more
  • Frequently Asked Contact Lens Questions at Our Spartanburg Optometry Clinic
    Frequently Asked Contact Lens Questions at Our Spartanburg Optometry Clinic If you're ready to consider your first pair of contact lenses, it's understandable that you have a lot of questions on Read more
  • Contact Lens Exams In Spartanburg
    Contact Lens Exams In Spartanburg Correcting your vision with contact lenses differs from the traditional glasses. An optometrist at Eyes on Henry recognizes that you may not always seek the proper Read more
  • Eye And Vision Exams In Spartanburg SC
    Eye And Vision Exams In Spartanburg SC Eye exams are important for maintaining eye health! Whether you’re young and in school or an adult with responsibilities, being able to see clearly Read more


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