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Signs your kids might have vision problems

Kid With Potential Vision Problems

Signs Your Child Might Have Vision Problems with Eyes on Henry Optometry

While it is easy for you to notice that you have problems with your vision, it may not be as easy for your child to realize it. Since kids won't always be able to recognize that there is a problem, it is up to you as their parent to be able to identify the signs your child might have vision problems. Eyes on Henry in Spartanburg, SC wants to help you take early action by looking for the following signs.


Squinting is the most common sign that your child is having problems with their vision. If your child is nearsighted, they will have trouble seeing things far away like the television or the board at school. If your child is farsighted, they will have difficulty seeing things up close, and they will squint when they are reading or looking at their phone.

Head Tilting or Turning

If your child has one eye that is not functioning as well as the other, they will tilt or turn their head. This will make it easier for their eye muscles to focus together. This is an issue that should be addressed by an optometrist as soon as you recognize the symptom.

Frustration While Reading or Coloring

If your child is having trouble focusing, it can make reading and coloring frustrating. If you find that your child is reading or coloring for just a short period of time or if they get frustrated easily, you should take them to see an eye doctor.


Some kids are clumsy by nature, and some are clumsy because they are having problems with their eyes. If your child has an eye muscle imbalance issue, their eyes won't work together correctly. This can result in depth perception issues that can make it difficult for your child to judge distances. This can result in your child tripping and falling often.

Rubbing the Eyes

If your child's vision is blurry, they will often rub them in hopes of improving their vision and their focus. If your child has a muscle balance issue, it can cause their eyes to become fatigued quickly. When this happens, they will rub their eyes.

Frequent Headaches

If your child is having headaches, it can be due to vision problems. If your child is always straining to see, it can cause headaches. These headaches will often occur during school, while your child is reading, or when they are watching television.

Make an Appointment with our Optometry Team Today

If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should make an appointment with Eyes on Henry in Spartanburg. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and treated, the better it will be for your child.


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