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Vision Changes During Pregnancy

Eyes on Henry Discusses Vision Changes During Pregnancy

Your vision can change in response to a number of physical changes during life. Pregnancy causes changes not only to the reproductive organs but also to every system in the body. Hormonal fluctuations, fluid buildup, and other factors may cause discomfort, blurriness and other issues. Eyes on Henry can provide comprehensive eye care throughout life, including during the natural changes of pregnancy.

Pregnant woman getting an eye exam.

Common Vision Problems During Pregnancy

Individuals may experience blurred vision, dry eyes or swelling of the eyelids. The use of artificial tears can help moisturize the eye surface. Cool compresses can help reduce swelling. Fluid retention around the eyes and blurriness generally abates after the birth.

High Blood Pressure and Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that can sometimes occur during pregnancy, in which blood pressure rises to dangerous levels and proteins begin to build up in the bloodstream. It can be a serious risk to both mother and child, and generally requires an immediate delivery of the baby. Symptoms include high blood pressure, upper abdominal pain, severe headache, vision changes, nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath. If you experience any of these problems, contact your doctor immediately.

Gestational Diabetes

Around the 24th week of pregnancy, a woman may develop problems metabolizing blood glucose, a condition called “gestational diabetes.” Although the exact cause is not known, researchers believe hormones produced by the placenta block the proper production of insulin in the mother’s body. If tests indicate high blood sugar levels, your doctor will recommend a special diet and increased physical activity to help maintain normal glucose levels. Your eye doctor may be able to detect changes in eye structures caused by high blood sugar and can alert you to possible problems.

Treating Eye Conditions During Pregnancy

Seeing your Spartanburg optometrist during pregnancy can aid your overall health. Minor eye discomfort and vision problems can be treated by your eye doctor. The eye doctor will also be able to alert you to any changes in your eye structures that indicate a more serious problem that requires medical treatment. Some medications used to treat eye diseases should not be administered during pregnancy, because of potential damage to the fetus. Your eye doctor can provide the information you need to ensure proper eye care during the months of your pregnancy.

Make Eyes On Henry Your Optometrists for Pregnancy Vision Care

The optometrists and staff at Eyes On Henry ensure that each patient receives individualized care that addresses their unique needs. We can provide a range of vision services, including treatment of eye problems.

Call Eyes on Henry today at 864-585-0208 today for an appointment to discuss the best ways to care for your vision during pregnancy.


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