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Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glasses at Eyes On Henry

You thought you did everything you could to protect your eyes against glare, from anti-reflective coatings to sunglass tints that block plenty of visible light. It’s only when you get out on the beach, drive over sunny highways, or play in the blinding snow that you realize you've still got a glaring problem -- not from overhead rays, but from reflected light. Fortunately, Eyes On Henry can provide you with the solution to this dilemma by giving you polarized glasses and sunglasses.

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What Is Polarization, and Why Do You Need It?

Much of the light your eyes use is reflected light, not light issuing directly from the source. In fact, the only reason we can see any objects at all is because light rays hit them and bounce off of them. While most of this light approaches our eyes from a horizontal or downward angle, some of it bounces upward from the surfaces beneath us.

A combination of very bright light and very light or reflective surfaces will throw intense glare at your eyes, even if you're wearing glasses or sunglasses that block most normal glare and/or visible light frequencies. The most obvious examples are gleam of rippling water, the fatiguing glare of sunny highways, and the sparkling reflections from snowscapes and sand dunes. This glare can be so overpowering that you can't see where you're going -- possibly resulting in tragedy.

Polarization is a technology that addresses this problem. A polarized lens is fabricated with a special filter meant to block light reflected upward into the eyes, even as other anti-glare coatings or tints are reducing glare from other directions. The result is clearer, more comfortable vision when driving, working, or playing in dazzling sunlight. The only downside to polarized lenses is that they don't work well with computer or smartphone screens, so you may need to use a different pair of glasses in those particular situations.

State-of-the-Art Glare Protection at Our Spartanburg Clinic

Come to Eyes On Henry for polarized glasses and sunglasses in a variety of beautiful styles, shapes and designs. Our optical center can combine polarization with complete UV protection and other features. We can even fit you with polarized photochromic glasses that double as sunglasses, growing darker in tint when you go outdoors and lightening for indoor use.

Get Polarized Glasses and Sunglasses at Your Spartanburg Optometrists

If you're going to go to the trouble to help your eyes see as clearly as possible when outdoors, why not take one extra step and equip those lenses with polarization? Call 864-334-7324 or visit Eyes On Henry to learn more about our polarized glasses and sunglasses!


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