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Polaroid Glasses

Polarized Glasses from our Spartanburg Optometrists

Some people wear sunglasses for the wrong reasons like to look more like a movie star. They protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays that cause cataracts. They offer comfortable vision without having to squint. If you are considering getting sunglasses, visit Eyes On Henry in Spartanburg, SC to have optometrists fit you with polarized glasses. Here is some information to shed light on polarized sunglasses.

Woman wearing polaroid glasses

What are Polarized Glasses?

Polarized sunglasses utilize a filter which reduces reflective light. The filter cuts out glare and haze giving the user comfortable and crisp vision without having to squint because of the painful brightness. Polarized lenses are best for activities happening in an environment with a reflective surface such as fishing, sailing and boating. 

Difference between Polarized Glasses and Regular Glasses

You may find many stylish and affordable sunglasses at your local store and you might wonder are they any different from polarized sunglasses? This might be because your knowledge of the two might be hazy.  Non-polarized glasses usually reduce the brightness of all kinds of light; they reduce the amount of light getting to your eyes. Non-polarized glasses also help you when there is strong light but do not work when there is glare.

If you love and live an outdoorsy lifestyle, it is worth investing in a pair of polarized sunglasses. If you find your vision is being hampered by glare as sunlight bounces off surfaces, like when you are driving, polarized sunglasses can offer protection that non-polarized tinted lenses cannot offer.

Contact Your Optometrists in Spartanburg

If you have questions or you need more information on polarized sunglasses, contact Dr. Louis Martin and Dr. Alva Pack of Eyes On Henry for the best services.


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