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Contact Lens Health Week in August

Celebrate Contact Lens Health Week in August with our Spartanburg, SC Optometrist

The CDC and some prominent business partners have deemed August 20-24, 2018 as Contact Lens Health Week. This week helps to promote and inform consumers how to use safe practices when using contact lenses. This includes handling contact lenses in the right manner, storing them properly, and seeing an eye doctor on a yearly basis. Eyes on Henry in the city of Spartanburg, SC can help you start the process of getting yourself fitted and equipped for routine contact lens wear. Here is some information to look over regarding Contact Lens Health Week and the use of contact lenses to correct vision.

person putting contact lens in eye during contact lens health week

How To Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

Your optometrist will provide you with recommendations regarding the type of solution to use for your particular contact lens brand to ensure they remain as clean as possible. It is extremely important to wash your hands before handling your contact lenses so bacteria is not transferred into your eyes. Use the solution to rinse, disinfect, and add moisture to your contact lenses as needed.

Types Of Contact Lenses Available

There is an array of choices on the market when it comes to contact lens type. Contact lenses are used for vision correction and even those with astigmatism can purchase contact lenses that help to correct the vision associated with this condition. Daily-wear, weekly-wear, and monthly-wear contact lenses are available, giving you the convenience of purchasing a type that meets your personal lifestyle needs. If you wish to switch the color of your eyes, colored contacts are an option.

Why Contact Lenses Are A Great Alternative To Glasses

Those who wish to show off their facial features without the obstruction of frames find that contact lens use accomplishes this task. Contact lenses also offer a crisp, clear view of all surroundings. Many who enjoy sports find that contact lens wear frees them from worrying about breaking frames as well.

Contact Eyes On Henry Today

The first step to getting new contact lenses is taking a trip to Eyes On Henry in Spartanburg, SC for a vision screening and fitting session. Our team can be reached at 864-585-0208.


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