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Difference between High End/Eyes on Henry Polarization vs. No Name Eyes on Henry?

Your Spartanburg Optometrist Discusses High-End Polarized Lenses

Bright light can be a blessing on a beautiful day as long as it doesn't hit a smooth surface. When light rays hit something like glass or metal, the light often ends up reflecting right into your eyes. This creates glare, and it can cause sudden difficulty with seeing clearly -- not to mention it can cause pain in your eyes, too. This is bad enough when you're relaxing on a beach, but it can be dangerous when you're driving on a freeway. If you want to beat the glare in Spartanburg, high-end polarized glasses from Eyes on Henry are what you need.

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What Is Lens Polarization?

Polarization is a process in which a filter is added to the lenses on your glasses. This filter allows light to hit the lens but causes the rays to scatter a bit, reducing glare. The filter actually blocks some light, particularly those rays that approach your eyes from diagonal angles. However, your sight really isn't obscured; you can still see everything, for the most part. You might not be able to see certain electronic displays as clearly as you could without the glasses, and if you're a skier, you should speak with optometrists about how to handle glare during skiing because you won't see ice patches. However, when you're driving on a non-icy road or relaxing on a boat, polarized glasses protect your eyes and make it more comfortable for you to see.

Is There a Difference Between High- and Low-End Polarization?

There's definitely a difference between high- and low-end polarized glasses. With high-end products, you're getting full polarization – both in quality and protection. You'll also get better materials and possibly proprietary formulas for coatings. With low-end glasses, they may not protect your eyes from all UV rays. Although they help to reduce the amount of sunlight your eye makes contact with, the best option it to get a pair of quality polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Want To Learn More About Protecting Your Eyes?

Not all sunglasses are created equal. To learn more about polarized lenses and how they benefit your eyes contact us today. Call us at 864-585-0208 to schedule an appointment today. 


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