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Eyes On Henry Discusses Blue Light and Vision Problems

Blue light is particular a wavelength of visible light, and is created by the sun and some digital devices like computer and smartphone screens. Although some blue light is necessary for humans to produce vitamin A, the light from devices has been linked to a number of vision problems. At Eyes On Henry in Spartanburg, SC, we offer help for blue light vision disturbances and eyestrain.

Symptoms of Blue Light Eye Problems

You may suspect blue light overexposure if you begin to have significant eyestrain throughout the day. You may also experience dry eye syndrome from failure to blink normally while using the computer for extended periods. This may cause vision blurring, irritation, and a gritty feeling in the eyes.

Treatment for Blue Light Vision Problems

The best treatment for reducing blue light eye strain is limiting the amount of time every day you spend staring at a screen.  Your eye doctor can also provide computer vision glasses that have yellow-tinted lenses that filter out blue light. Anti-reflective lenses are also available that can help to reduce the effects of blue light on your eyes.

Preventing Blue Light Damage

You can prevent damage to your eyes from electronic devices by limiting the amount of time you spend looking at screens. This could be as simple as taking a break from looking at a screen for a few minutes a couple times an hour.   

Make Eyes on Henry Your Optometrist in Spartanburg, SC

Dr. Alva Pack, Dr. Janell Martin, and Dr. Louis Martin have extensive training in optometry and are committed to providing individual care to their patients in Spartanburg, SC and surrounding areas. We offer many services, including exams, eyeglasses, contact lens fitting, emergency eye care and dry eye treatment. Call Eyes on Henry today at 864-585-0208 for an appointment to discuss your blue light vision problems and learn about effective treatment.


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